Swiss Pavilion, EXPO 2010 in Shanghai
Soundscape & Acousmatic Music & Topological Composition for 65 Loudspeakers

The sound concept of the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai

As visitors make their way through the Swiss Pavilion, they are guided by a spatial acoustic concept
which facilitates their direct perception of the substantive aspects of the Swiss Pavilion and complements these. The principal musical theme in the Face-to-Face room is a confrontation with the shared sound aspects of the human voice and the wind. The relationship between human beings and nature is brought to life in sound, juxtaposing the human voice with the wind, as the voice of the mountain. Viewers hear songs being sung in the distance, voices carried on the wind and deep rumbling noises. The image the viewers perceive is paired up with a feeling of greatness and loftiness of the high Alpine landscape in Switzerland.

The principal musical theme of the chairlift ride is a confrontation with the sound of bells as a link between cultures. The cylinder containing the chairlift’s double helix also embodies an over- dimensioned bell, and the viewers pass through its spectrum of sound as they are borne aloft to the roof. The chairlift connects the pulsating city with the delightful meadow scenario on the roof. During the circuit round the roof, the viewers are guided by a point-by-point rhythmical composition, whose subtly distinctive tones conjure up associations with the Swiss meadow landscape. The acoustic installations set up by the young composer Benedikt Schiefer are to be heard through 48 loudspeakers along the length of the chairlift ride and through a further 17 loudspeakers in the exhibition space.

Face to face - Installation 1, Expo 2010, Shanghai - Benedikt Schiefer by B.W.S

Cylinder - Installation 2, Expo 2010, Shanghai - Benedikt Schiefer by B.W.S

Meadow - Installation 3 on the roof, Expo 2010, Shanghai - Benedikt Schiefer by B.W.S

Pictures by Iwan Baan